Care Instructions

- Keep sculptures indoors only. Jewelry can be worn indoor or outdoor.

- Polymer clay can be sturdy, but a good fall or whack against something hard can break it

- Do not scratch the sculpture or jewelry. Jewelry should be stored in a way where it won't be hit or rubbed against by other things. Doing so will damage the protective coating that protects the color so the color will start to come off by scratching or rubbing

- To clean from dust, gently use a feather duster or any duster that is a soft fluffy material. I sometimes use soft unused paint brushes to brush off dust. Do not use any spray cleaners or wipes, and do not use water as this will also damage the water-based varathane coating.

- Take off jewelry when showering & sleeping. Avoid jewelry getting wet, especially avoid submerging item in water.

- If any color touchups need to be done, I do those free of charge and you just have to pay the shipping to me. There is no time limit for paint touchups. If any minor breakage occurs within the first year of you having your sculpture, I will do repair or resculpture work for free as well. Anything after a year is subject to a small fee depending on the repair needed. If any minor or major breakage occurs during shipping, a replacement or repair will be done for you free of charge. Any major breakage that occurs after 1 month of delivery will be subject to either a small fee for repairs, or a larger fee for major resculpting work.